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Q4 Niches to look at for KDP

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So there are a ton of niches to look but there are a few that I am looking at for Q4.


Anything that would be given to someone. These are funny or stupid gag notebooks that make a great gift.

Coloring Books

These have been booming since the start of the pandemic as parents need to entertain their children. Even adult versions are booming since adults need stress relief and something to do.

Activity Books

Like coloring books kids and adults need stuff to do.

Workout Logbooks

This is probably slightly outside of Q4 but you need to have it done in Q4. I didn’t mess with this last year and I am unsure how they will perform this year given the pandemic. However, they will make good evergreen sales and hopefully good sales for those new year resolutions.

Yearly Planners

I created a bunch of planners a couple of months ago and will probably create some more but last year I made a good amount of sales from November through well into 2020. I haven’t had any luck with undated planners only dated ones. So unfortunately this is something I have to create every year.

What should you focus on starting out?

If you’re starting out I suggest focusing on things that are evergreen as opposed to creating a Christmas Coloring book. So that way you have the potential to get sales all year. Only focus on creating season products once you have a more decent catalog. This will help you maintain interest.

You also will want to be think twice about trends as they come and go. By the time you make the book and get it publish that trend could be gone. So think about whether the trend is here to stay, how much competition is in it, how likely will it return after interest dies down. These are things you must consider before investing time in them.